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Just Computing Ltd deliver Hosted IT solutions that work for businesses of all sizes, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability in today’s complex environments

We take the worry out of securing your data

To us it’s personal, our customers are our business

Just Computing are dedicated to customer support, system availability and data security

There’s a reason why we have 98% customer retention, it’s because we put our customers at the heart of everything we do

We help companies of every size achieve improved performance, reliability and scalability for their business critical applications

Providing the right solution and support can help your business achieve its objectives, and we are confident that our years of experience in the industry will allow us to do just that.

We are proud of the solutions we provide for our customers and passionate about providing exceptional customer service.  By putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, has contributed to an impressive 98% customer retention rate.  Our solutions are developed only after we have taken the time to listen to each customer to understand their business drivers so we can provide long term benefits for their business, staff and customers.

Because your data and security is important to us we have gone the extra mile in delivering services from the most secured and highly available UK based, ISO 27001 accredited Datacentres.  Customers have the confidence of knowing that their primary data is co-located 100 feet underground in an ex-military nuclear bunker site (MOD Command & Control Centre) with a secondary Datacentre at the ex US Forces Greenham Command site. How safe is that?


Do you want the latest enterprise technology solutions without capital expenditure and the demands of ongoing system support? With our hosted solutions we remove the headache for you – we provide it all a fixed monthly fee.

We are passionate about customer service and provide the highest levels of customer support at all times. Customers are our first priority and however they contact us, by phone, email or raising an e-ticket, they are dealt with promptly and efficiently. We believe in collaboration and mutual understanding so we won’t try to sell ‘one size fits all’ services. Instead, we focus on providing solutions that are tailored to your needs – solutions to help you to serve your customer base more effectively and efficiently.

Which ever way your Company chooses to use Just Computing Ltd, you can be sure that our team has both the business and technical background to add real value to your Company.

Minimise unplanned downtime and IT service disruption with Just Computing’s High Availability N+1 Cloud Services…

Your Data, Our Cloud…


Get to know Just Computing’s Infrastructure

Designed to provide the most secure home for your data possible – purpose built to keep your data safe, even in the event of a nuclear attack.  Our Datacentres are former military command and control bunkers that protect data from every potential threat to ensure the availability of your business critical applications and data. Providing High Availability to industry N+1 standard and ISO27001 accreditation.

We use industry leading Cisco network equipment & high spec Dell servers and storage.  You can rest assured that your business is running on super-fast, highest quality hardware from leading manufacturers – Monitored 24/7/365.

  • Network: our 1Gbps & 10Gbps core networks are resilient by design and delivered on world-class Cisco hardware to ensure speed and reliability.
  • Storage: uses Dell Enterprise SAN Storage (RAID 10/50) with tiered storage options utlising SSD, 15K SAS or NL-SAS, all of which are fully supported and backed by Dell Gold support
  • Security: enterprise-grade firewalls protect your cloud environment with secure private virtual LAN (vLAN).
  • Processing: the latest generation of servers provide optimum performance and uptime.
  • Virtualisation: our servers enable the agility of provisioning and flexibility to grow along with your business needs.

Just Computing’s managed servers are powered by the VMWare platform, virtualised server environments using the market leading hypervisor solution

Our Cloud, Our Datacentres…

All our solutions are hosted at highly secure UK Datacentres, both are based within easy reach of London but far away from power shortages, natural disaster or other risks that are ever present in central London.

Just Computing’s Datacentres

South East Datacentre

Built by the MOD as a command and control centre protecting people and technology from nuclear threat, the construction and security standards are what you might expect of such a purpose built fortress. It sits 30 metres beneath a 3.5m high perimeter fence, with concrete walls 3 metres thick, steel doors weighing several tons and includes military Electro Magnetic Pulse and Tempest RFI intrusion protection. Layered on top of this physical inaccessibility is a 24-hour watch with guard dogs, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls.

  • 24/7/365 security guards and guard dogs permanently on site
  • Vehicular gate with control barrier
  • Infrared CCTV with 24 hour capture covering all entrances and operational areas
  • Visual verification of all users entering data floor – NO un-manned escort
  • Borer security card access system
  • Very early sophisticated smoke and heat detection systems
  • Firetrace detection and extinguishing system
  • Redundant air conditioning units to guarantee stable data floor temperature and humidity @ N+1
  • Redundant UPS conditioned power @ N+1
  • Diverse Power Supplies with diesel generator backup @ N+1

South West Datacentre

This is an ex US Air Force base situated on Greenham Common and like the South East Datacentre it was also built as a nuclear command and control centre possessing a similar level of physical security.  The construction and security standards are what you might expect of such a purpose built fortress. It has steel reinforced blast proof walls, solid steel doors, military Electro Magnetic Pulse and Tempest RFI intrusion protection. Layered on top of this physical security is a 24-hour watch, CCTV and a series of sophisticated access controls.

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Ultra Secure – Ultra Available

Ultra Secure
Our Datacentres are secure by design, as ex-Ministry of Defence command and control facilities they provide an ultra secure environment for our systems.

Ultra Available
Our facilities are highly available with redundant power ensuring 100% uptime.

Just Computing Secure Database
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