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The initial reason why business leaders consider cloud computing is due to the fact that it is a predictable and cost-effective way to purchase and manage computing resources. The second reason is that managed cloud hosting is highly flexible allowing businesses to change computing environments in fast and efficient ways.

Outsourcing this responsibility to us can help satisfy the rapidly-evolving demands of your business more effectively. Run your business on advanced, reliable infrastructure and services that we maintain and manage. Our Cloud Managed Services will give you peace of mind knowing your business is well looked after!

If you are looking for a business partner that cares about your business then look no further. Let us take care of your hosting needs, we will work with you every step of the way and relish the opportunity of building a mutual and personal business relationship.

Just Computing Cloud Managed Services

Just Computing Managed Services

Benefit from our expertise and the knowledge we have acquired to ensure your business has the tools it needs to survive in this technological age. We have a wealth of experience delivering managed services across a wide range of sectors, and we will work with you to design a hosting service that meets your business needs.

Built to meet your specific needs, we will mix and match our products so that you get the optimal solution for your needs and budget. And as our support is solely based in the UK you will benefit from our individual and personalised service.

You will have access to the latest technologies and innovations, and our solutions are implemented quickly and at reasonable cost. With adaptability to changing internal and marketplace conditions, our cloud managed services are flexible and scalable so you can access resources as and when you need them.

If you are looking for a business partner that cares about your business then look no further… 

Cloud Managed Services Overview

  • Expert solution design  –  we tailor the service that best suits you
  • No fixed CAPEX requirement but a shift to variable OPEX
  • High Availability and increased system speed
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Resilient hardware: managed servers, storage, backup, firewall, switches
  • Operating System management: installation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance
  • Updates, patching, software maintenance all taken care of by our UK support team
  • Network, systems and data security
  • Positive steps in Business Continuity planning
  • Flexible management options
  • Proactive monitoring, alerting and reporting across the solution
  • UK Datacentres with UK based support
Just Computing Cloud Managed Services
Cloud Managed Services from Just Computing
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