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An enterprise class email, collaboration & archiving service designed to help your business communicate securely and effectively with complete peace of mind.

Just Computing’s Hosted Email

Why choose our Hosted Email service?

Email is crucial for businesses, yet many continue with out-of-date, difficult to manage and expensive to maintain solutions.  By moving your email services to our Hosted Email service, powered by Microsoft Exchange Server, you will benefit from a fully managed email service that is scalable and efficient. Calendars and contacts can instantly be shared enabling collaboration across your business.  Just Computing provide secure access via our UK based Datacentres, reducing your costs with a solution that grows with your business.

Our email service also includes Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway, which is an advanced email security system, constantly evolving to protect email data & employees against the latest threats such as malware, spam, spear-phishing & zero-day attacks.  You will automatically benefit from this secure service by moving your email to our Hosted Exchange platform.



Optional extra services we can include with our Mimecast partnership include ‘Targeted Threat Protection’.  You can extend security with real-time scanning and blocking of suspect websites and attachments to defend against the three most common attack methods;  malicious email links, weaponised attachments and malware-less social-engineering attacks, often called whaling.  To prevent your users from:

  • Inadvertently downloading malware
  • Inadvertently revealing credentials
  • Receiving financial fraud emails

Powerful corporate class email in an affordable service  –  choose the Hosted Exchange service that suits you without breaking the bank

  • Benefit from: our partnership with Mimecast’s comprehensive enterprise-grade email security protection, you and your business can breathe easier
  • Always on: Get anti-spam, anti-virus, data leak prevention, secure communication – all from our Hosted Exchange email service
  • Enhanced control: We can manage business-wide security policies in real-time
  • Happier end users: Empower your users with personal block and permit lists and self-service quarantine
  • Increased protection: Stop email-related threats before they reach your mailbox

Benefit from our expertise.  Your solution will be fully supported and managed by Just Computing so you can concentrate on your business with no need to invest in your own servers, storage, back-up, licensing or technical resource.

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection | Attachment Protect

Targeted Threat Protection – Attachment Protect provides advanced security protection for file attachments in email messages. It can be configured in the following ways, in line with the needs of your organisation

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Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection | URL Protect

Get Instant And Comprehensive Protection Against Spear-Phishing And Targeted Attacks

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect is an advanced email security technology that protects employees against targeted attacks in email, extending our existing Secure Email Gateway anti-spam and anti-virus service

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  • Lower costs – replacing capital expenditure with usage based payments like a utility or mobile phone.
  • Scalability – quick and easy to add and remove users, scaling up or down as your business requires ensuring your company does not pay more
  • Simplicity – easy and quick to deploy and manage using our Customer Portal that gives you control without the headache of support and investment
  • Improved Security – our fully managed Datacentres alongside Mimecast’s Secure Email Gateway services, and SSL encryption for all email transmissions add enhanced protection for your sensitive email
  • Outlook Compatibility – Microsoft designed Exchange to work with Outlook, providing enterprise-level sync with Outlook Web Apps and mobile devices.  Collaborate around the world using shared calendars, global address lists, and tasks
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All our Hosted Email services come with 5GB storage per mailbox as standard.

Consider unlimited storage with our Email Archiving solution …

Just Computing’s Email Archiving

Just Computing partner with MailStore to deliver an optional email archiving solution to our hosted Microsoft Exchange platform.  The MailStore email archiving solution offers the most comprehensive market solution in terms of performance, stability, functionality and simplicity to meet the specific email archiving needs of businesses.  More than 30,000 businesses of all sizes and from all sectors rely on the MailStore solution, including countless public and educational institutions.

What are the advantages of Email Archiving?

Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources. Only those who are able to manage emails efficiently can truly consider themselves ready for the future.

Email archiving helps companies meet a growing number of regulations on email compliance, eDiscovery, and other legislation. Email archiving is also an important tool that helps these companies protect themselves against general legal risk or customer complaints.

  • Legal safeguard for email compliance
  • Extremely fast full-text searching for emails and attachments
  • Total protection against data loss
  • Save up to 70% storage space
  • Simplify backup and restore
  • Independence of cumbersome PST files

Eliminate Reliance on PST files

  • PST files contain business-critical information, yet they are housed locally
  • PST files have a huge impact on storage and backup
  • PST files are prone to data loss or corruption
  • PST files can be an e-discovery nightmare

With our email archiving solution in place, these issues simply go away.

One-Click Restore for All Users

Users can restore emails from the archive with a single mouse-click.

Unlimited Mailbox Storage

Unlimited mailbox storage with our email archiving solution.  Users are no longer forced to go through the time-consuming process of constantly deleting ‘less important’ emails or storing them externally.

Email Archiving from Just Computing
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